How To Pick Up Girls
Posted June 4th, 2009 by Franklin Snarl

Little Girls - How To Pick Up Girls“Girls aren’t really that confusing…”

First saw this on the most excellent VH1 Classic one late night and was instantly hooked. It took me over two years to track down a worn copy of the LP at the lamentably defunct Music Baron but damn was it time well spent. What an absolutely brilliant album.

But it’s now reissued! And totally worth a listen. Per Chameleon Music: The Little Girls was born in the pop new wave movement of the 80s. They have opened for The Call, The Plimsouls, The Boomtown Rats, Billy Idol, Janis Ian, and The Pretenders to name a few. Their video – How to Pick Up Girls – was one of the first to air on MTV.

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No More Vinyl….. – The Littl…

Drink me
Posted May 5th, 2009 by Battlestar Marktasstica

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Some Alice in Wonderland “chill-out” from a guy named Pogo. There is another song which I like better and is great to mix with.

Abstract vocals are so much more interesting.

For a more interesting way to cats talk to each other on you tube, go here.

Here We Go Magic
Posted March 11th, 2009 by Franklin Snarl

Here We Go Magic

Yes, the bandwagon has already departed Brooklyn full-steam ahead to a mystical place in the cosmos with the brilliant Here We Go Magic at its helm, (tardy me again! It’s just that dang full-time job thing and all… oh ok fine, ‘excuses, excuses…’) but it’s never too late to hop onboard for a trip this aurally blissful, right?

The recently, and beautifully Web 2.5ishly so, — if slightly disorienting to longtime visitors — redesigned Pitchfork has a nice vid up of “Tunnelvision” for your kick-back-with-the-Mac-at-full-screen-and-a-post-work-Tecaté-(or-two)-enjoyment.

I’m even more a fan of the track “Fangela” which you can listen to at latest social-network darling du jour If only all music could be so simultaneously ecstatic and soothing… Hmm, then where would they file BrokeNSYDE?

Fangela – Here We Go Magic

So Bored
Posted March 9th, 2009 by Franklin Snarl

Wavves is my favves this week.
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La Mort? Petit. The Joy? Formidable!
Posted March 5th, 2009 by Franklin Snarl

With their (banned! on YouTube!) video for “Austere” from the recent release A Balloon Called Moaning, Welsh trio The Joy Formidable is already an early odds-on favorite for mtvU’s Woodie of The Year Award.

So, without further foreplay, come get your voyeur on (thanks to this fan-made montage of clips from nsfw-but-it’s-”art”-so-that’s-cool-right? and enjoy the ecstatic fuzz-pop of a new fave sensation…

Phew! When you’re back from that cigarette, go ahead and start stalking them on Twitter ;)

Desolation Row is a Pretty Fun Place To Be
Posted February 18th, 2009 by Franklin Snarl

My Chemical Romance - Desolation RowFile this one under “Guilty Pleasures” if you must, but after checking it out over at good ol’ mtvU’s Music Blog — I’m quite liking the new MCR track “Desolation Row” (yes, pals, that really does stand for My Chemical Romance).

OK, well, first off it’s a cover of a Bob Dylan song (Rolling Stone’s #185 best song of all time, for whatever that’s worth) so how bad can the archetype really be?

Second, while clocking in at just 3 minutes — down about 8 from the original’s beautifully rambling 11 or so — MCR manages to pack into the rip-roaring-fist-pumping-mosh-riling-punk-homage that comprises its hypercondensed version what sound to be at least 20 knowing winks and nods to all manner of influences as varied as Meatloaf, Poison, Social Distortion and more. Not the least of which being a fun little tease of the “God Save The Queen” riff and a sweet Brian May-ish solo for good measure.

It all seems to reveal a level of knowing musicianship I had no idea this band possessed and adds up to a fun listen and great watch. And yes, in about 2 weeks, dear readers, I might be kicking myself for admitting to enjoying a My Chemical Romance track. Til then, Desolation Row is the place to be.

Oh and PS, I’m pleased herein to report the unexpected resurrection of a once left-for-dead feature on this blog: the Tass Cover Song du Jour.